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Replying to a final question on the Armenian constitutional court's interpretation of the recent Turkish-Armenian protocols, Erdogan said, well,cheap ugg boots, we appear to have got off to an unhealthy start. What are we negotiating about? What are we going to do? Armenia should once again take this into consideration,ugg boots, because we fulfilled our protocol commitments .

Intensely flavored items, like anchovies, Dijon mustard and black licorice,http://www.uggsboots.us.com, which can overwhelm tasters' palates, have also proved challenging. For Carroll, it was Asian pickled plums.

Venezuela's leaders aren't taking the ongoing McDonald's french fry shortage in their country too well. Publicly sponsored news outlets, government officials, and even the country's president,gen3512, Nicolas Maduro, have all responded to McDonald's unthinkable french fry shortage, which spans all 100 outlets in the country,www.uggsboots.us.com, by publicly criticizing the chain, and its french fries. One of the loudest responses came from Telesur, a state-sponsored news outlet, which wasted no time in getting to what it views as the heart of the issue. The outlet published a story headlined,cheap uggs, "McDonald's joins economic war against Venezuela," not-so-subtly suggesting that the lack of fried potato sticks is somehow tied to a broader war being waged by the United States and its capitalistic ways. McDonald's said there's been a shortage since it had trouble importing potatoes. But Telesur says that's all a lie. "The U.S. multinational fast-food chain is claiming it cannot get potatoes in Venezuela,ugg boots outlet, despite the fact other restaurants do not have the same problem," the article begins. Articles have also surfaced on Apporea, a pro-government website, about separate, isolated food safety scares at McDonald's in other parts of the world (in this case, Japan and China). The article, titled "McDonald's apologizes after a tooth and plastic are found in its food," is one of the few pieces published this week by the outlet that is not about a domestic matter. Public figures, including Venezuela's president, have also taken to Twitter. This week, sandwiched between tweets about domestic issues and an international investment deal with China,, president Nicolas Maduro retweeted a tweet by news outlet Russia Today, which translates roughly to "Japan: Human tooth found in french fries at a McDonald's." Maduro also retweeted a tweet by Roberto Hernandez,, Venezuela's Minister for Labor and Social Security, which calls McDonald's french fries cancerous. And another government official, Dante Rivas, who overseas the doling out of public permits, sarcastically bemoaned the fry shortage, and then applauded the fact that people will have to eat yuca fries instead. "Now we will eat fried yuca, 100% made in Venezuela." Why the the government reaction has been so severe is unclear. Part of the reason for the swift,, if strange, response may come from the possibility that Venezuelans might blame their government for McDonald's french fry shortage. The Venezuelan people, after all, have endured scores of shortages in recent years, including a national toilet paper shortage. McDonald's did blame the french fry shortage on the fact that it was having trouble importing potatoes, but attributed the difficulty to a U.S. labor dispute. But who knows? Maybe Venezuela's government only read the headlines.

Good one Jerry. Another thing that factors into it is the media: movies, ads, music. It has come to be normal to make a comedy about assassinating the leader of another country and then cry if they retaliate by making public their email gossip. How about Bond girls tortured and left for dead, prime time TV jokes about child molesters and other heinous crimes described like text books on CSI or how to commit murder? It's the new normal and while some of us remember the days of Beverly Hillbillies and Leave it to Beaver, they might have been unrealistically innocent but they were not teaching kids how to commit crimes and brutalize other humans. What we have reduced our young people to thinking is normal, like the recent music video of the stalker going after a woman prey, made to look sexy and appealing. No wonder the sense of morality and kindness for others is off the rails. Media is a powerful teaching tool and a lot of what has come out of Hollywood is a crime against humanity and our kids are expressing it. Then they grow into adults, many who take it further until the jails are full, then voters solve the problem by making the felons normal and letting them out. They were all once someone's kid but they didn't develop a sense of compassion or the golden rule because they were taught otherwise both in and out of the home.

North Little Rock First United Methodist Church, 6701 John F. Kennedy Blvd.,: The church will have their 3rd Annual Chili Cook-off on Wednesday, Jan. 28 from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the church Fellowship Hall. There will also be prizes for winners! One for taste and one for originality. There��s no set cost to come and enjoy the chili, however, donations are appreciated. For more information, you can check out the church��s website at or call the church office at 825-2201.