these stalls are meant to provide access

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Approval of the exemption process was expected to be non-controversial; however,but what do those guys know, a request from developers of a proposed new town center/mall in Seminole led to no votes from two commissioners.

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It was suspected that a vessel was carrying smuggled weapons to Iran and explosion took place resulted in killing 13 people. About 60 people were injured and great damage was done to the biggest power station.

Lennon, 23, Fair Oaks, Calif.: Really, why not just wait your turn? Whereas I'd let a disabled person use the large stall before me, these stalls are meant to provide access, not preferential treatment. Regarding the rude comments, I know nothing about girls' bathroom rituals, but you might kindly tell them to shove it.

She changed everything. She made gymnastics matter in a state where nothing but football seems to matter. She won conference and national championships and filled Coleman Coliseum, and she did it with a unique combination of charm and willpower and the absolute refusal to take no for an answer.