ASBA Board Development director

The New York Times has seen the light. On Sunday, the paper editorialized in favor of an end to the federal ban on marijuana. According to Tony Newman of the Drug Policy Alliance, The Gray Lady has become the first major national newspaper to support legalizing marijuana.

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The Hope Public School Board has a full plate for its meeting Monday. The 5:30 p. m. meeting in the second floor conference room of the HPSD Administration Building is open to the public. Subjects on the agenda include a board resolution approving a list of salaries which were increased by five percent above previous years in the last meeting. Act 1120 says that if anyone receives a five percent or more salary increase, it has to go before the board, Bobby Hart, HPS superintendent said. Let's say if one of the coaches mows the grass in the summer, the money paid him has to be reported to the board and approved. Policy manual updates are also on the agenda, and this item pertains to the current policy as it is stated in the current manual. The current policy manual must be adjusted in the current state it's in, Hart said. This was presented to the Personnel Policies Committee and was found that the current manual is out of date and is not in compliance. Once the entire manual is adopted, these changes will only occur after legislative sessions. The first reading was in last month's meeting and to the Arkansas School Board Association. The Hope High School cafeteria remodel bid was changed after the vendor had a bidding error in his software. The change in the bid was from $81,744 to $96,196.80, Hart said. We still went with the company,, because the bid submitted is still the lowest bid. A forklift that was being used at the Paisley campus,, the bus maintenance property, was deemed unrepairable and a new forklift has been ordered, according to Hart. There are two board trainings that are on the agenda and will be discussed and voted on at Monday's meeting. On November 18, a training workshop entitled, 'School Board Governance,ralph lauren outlet,952-3462 for emergencies,' will be taught by Dr. Anne Butcher, ASBA Board Development director,, Hart said. Some of the objectives include 'to gain an understanding of the differing roles of boards and superintendents in the governance process,' and 'to network with job alike peers as they participate in activity-based, interactive training.' Page 2 of 2 - On December 1, Jerry Don Woods,true religion jeans outlet, ASBA executive board president, will present a training workshop, also, he said. Some of the objectives include 'to indentify characteristics of highly effective school boards and 'the board's role in establishing a healthy culture in the district.' Sixteen schools are going through this training, Hart said. Everyone needs to keep a level of understanding of expectations from the superintendent. On October 23, we hosted a regional training session and four of our school board members attended.

Estudios demuestran que hasta un tercio de los adolescentes omiten el desayuno diario.[1] Para frenar esta creciente tendencia, la Junta de Procesadores de Leche de California (CMPB por sus siglas en ingles), creadora de GOT MILK? y TOMA LECHE, se ha asociado con 14 distritos escolares a lo largo del Estado Dorado para aumentar el consumo de desayunos con leche en las cafeter��as escolares. Los campus con mayor cantidad de desayunos con leche en cada distrito tienen una posibilidad de ganar dinero para actividades estudiantiles,Every Monday the ladies Bible, por un total de $42,,000 en todo el estado.