Down the drain mostly

As Quik performed alongside longtime cohort Suga Free,true religion outlet, required listening like “Down Down, Down” functioned as direct hits for eager fans,, but his penchant for sharing stage time with budding talent he is mentoring stifled any momentum the show could’ve worked up. Combined with a bit of unpolished presentation, as Quik actually had to count down Suga Free mid-song as the tandem segue from Quik’s “Can I Eat It?” into a failed attempt at Free’s “Don’t Fight The Pimpin’” that was cringe-worthy.

An undocumented mother of a child born in the U.S. should not be afraid,hollister clothing, he said. Obama promoted the benefits of "Obamacare ," noting for example, that in some cases you can get health insurance for less than $100,coach outlet, less than a cell phone service charges. For more information go

Morning Star Baptist Church, 105 N. Smothers St., North Little Rock: Please come and share with us. Everyone welcome,gen10568, and for more information, please call,, 376-3575.

I agree with other commenters that those percentages of what people making over a million make is a drop in the bucket to them while even the lower percentage on the middle class in poor still really hurts them in many cases.

Levy United Methodist Church, 701 W. 47th St., North Little Rock: For more information, call 753-6041. Sunday school begins at 9:30 a.m., Sunday morning worship at 10:45 a.m.

It is seven days till Christmas! Where does the time go? Down the drain mostly, I think. As we get older (and believe me,abercrombie outlet,leaves and shredded bark, I m old), time just seems to fly right by. But I m close to ready for the holiday,cheap louis vuitton bags, almost done Christmas shopping, wrapped what presents I have last night,polo ralph lauren, house is decorated and a wreck, I must say, but I ll get to that next week. The chill is definitely in the air,The church invites you for Bi, and for the most part, I can say that I am in the holiday spirit. I have a ton of baking to do and I m going to get started on that this afternoon. I love the old Christmas carols and have them blaring from my stereo just to help the mood. Not everyone enjoys the holidays though. This time of year can be hard on some, those who have lost loved ones,louis vuitton outlet, those in nursing homes whose family seems to have forgotten them,,and quinoa, families who are so eaten up with commercialism and selfishness that they only think in terms of what am I going to get,true religion jeans, instead of what can I give? Those kinds of people really need to know the REAL reason for the season. The birth of our Lord. I wonder was it tangible in the air? Did people who came to Christ s birth really understand what the birth of that child meant? How would we react today if it occurred now? I m afraid we would all be so busy and hell bent on getting that perfect toy or gift that we would not even pay it any attention at all. Would we see the star and stop our daily hustle and bustle? I would like to think we would,, but in our technological society, I wonder if we would just hit delete when the first text message or email came in announcing it. As Christmas approaches,, don t get so hung up in the craziness that you don t see the reason for the season. Take your eyes off the dazzling lights and put them on that child in the manger, now and ever more. At the office, we are playing Secret Santa, which I personally love to do. It s so fun to try and get your present in to the person whose name you have drawn without them seeing you. Or try and figure out who has drawn your name. Whoever drew mine even included a squeaky toy for my Tink. She isn t sure about those squeaky toys she has one or two others and whenever I squeak them for her (she can t do it herself) she s like I don t understand that language. It s funny she just cocks her head like what are you trying to say to me? But she loves her toys just the same anyway. In fact, just now, I turned around to see her laying in front of the heater with her new toy and an old toy all cuddled up. So, to whoever my Secret Santa is, thanks for remembering Tink She sure loves her new toy! I think it was really sweet to include her and so does she! She loves coming to the office with me and visiting with Stephanie Tiner, Michael Jones, April Scott and Caleb Anderson, especially!! Page 2 of 2 - Since my column runs on Thursdays, you probably won t hear from me until after the New Year, so I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! Until next time...

There are no cars on the Gilis,, and Gili T's foot traffic is a mix of hard-working locals and lollygagging Aussies. Lodging and food gets finer and more expensive on the commercial southeast tip. The northeast tip is cheaper and more chill and the snorkeling is way better up there,abercrombie kids, too.